about me

Hello.  I am an alien.  I live on earth but I don’t belong there.  I know where I belong.

I follow Jesus.  As a result I get very involved with my local church because I believe it is one of the greatest things God ever made to help people get to know him.

I have a family to look after.  Rada, Anya & Aleksa.

I help young people without a home live with a family that can love and support them.

I spend most of my time getting to know God better and getting to know people better.

I write a blog.  It is about things that I am interested in:  God, me, spirituality, my family, life, church planting, social justice, sport, travel.  I am inspired by films, music and things I read.  I really hope you enjoy what I write.

It would make my day if you talked back to me.  Please.   😉

Take care – nathan the alien


14 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi,

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  2. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for commenting on my Chicago 2016 Blog. We have many of the same interests – faith in Christ, sharing God’s love, films and sport.

    Be blessed,


  3. Hi nathan. Nice blog and we share some interests. Particularly our desire to follow Jesus, good cinema, justice in Palestine and football. I’m mostly a fan of the game and the game’s underdogs…so I mostly root against all the big clubs. Your ministry to kids in need sounds really interesting. Personally I’m a bit of an emergent with a strong dose of anabaptist-mennonite. Feel out of place in the USA but that’s where God put me. I blog as well with wordpress at thepersistentkog.wordpress.com.
    Andrew Zook

  4. Hey hg thanks for stopping by, I hope you find the blog interesting. Sorry I hadn’t replied but blogging has taken a bit of a lower priority for me recently but I’m back now.

    Sorry you have felt like an alien from your church, what you describe doesn’t sound like how church should be 😦 Are you involved with The Church at all?

  5. Hey Nathan, nice to hear that u r happy, and Anya has sister, congrat to Rada. Would u email me as we were thinking of u lately.

  6. Hi Nathan,

    Welcome to Wednesbury. You might see me around taking photos. I blog and those are sometimes in the Express and Star. Being and alien, you’ll fit in here… 😉

  7. Hello Nathan , I want to talk -privately- to you about an important topic
    You can find my details below

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