Who do you think should win BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2015?

The shortlist for BBC Sports Personality of the Year has been announced this evening.  It looks really competitive and there are some brilliant characters who have achieved outstandingly this year.

To see a run-down of the contenders click this link to the BBC.



Poll: Will you be voting in the PCC elections?

Will you be voting in the elections for the upcoming Police & Crime Commissioners?

I have a couple of opinions about this yet don’t know much about it….so thought I’d test the water and see what others think.

Please complete the poll and if you’re happy put your reason(s) in the comments section.

MPs’ expenses poll

I have resisted commenting thus far in the crazy affair.  I can’t say that it has enamoured our trustworthy Members of Parliament to me that much.  I’ll comment/vent in a couple of days.  In the meantime….what do you think?

Any other creative methods of righting the wrongs?

Donny Rovers for Team of the Year

I just watched the promo video for the Yorkshire Sports Awards with soundtrack by Sheffield’s Little Man Tate and by the end my eyes were a little moist with pride for the great achievements of my home county this year.

Yorkshire achieved stacks of medals at the Olympics and and some awe-inspiring team performances which I, in my humble and totally unbiased opinion, think should be seriously considered for Team of the Year at the BBC Sports Personality bash in Liverpool tomorrow evening:

  • Leeds Rhinos – Rugby League World Champions
  • Doncaster Rovers – Beat Leeds United in play-off final to secure their third promotion in five years and a place in the Championship
  • Barnsley FC – reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup knocking out Liverpool and Chelsea on the way

I’m dead proud to be a Yorkshireman!  For the final time is your chance to vote in my own Sports Personality poll which I have had open for a few weeks, just over 24 hours to go till we find out who the winner is in what is the most competetive competition for years.

Cry baby

I’m gonna take this opportunity to put up the top five in the Premier League again cus it makes rosy reading for the Villa!  A win, two draws and a loss against the ‘big 4’ is very satisfying.

  1. Chelsea   33pts
  2. Liverpool   33pts
  3. Manchester United   25pts
  4. Aston Villa   24pts
  5. Arsenal   23pts

Went to Bobby’s on Saturday to watch the match.  It was a frustrating game but a fantastic result for us.  When I broke the news of the result to a Man Utd fan his response was ‘phew’!  I think that shows how far Villa have come.  What’s more, the draw enabled Rada and I to avoid any serious conflict!

One other point.  What a disgrace to the human race is Cristiano Ronaldo!  I mean how many times is it possible for one player to cry during one match!?  If I was a United fan I would be seriously embarrassed.  Rada was right when she said it would have been better for them to get rid of him when he made all that fuss in the summer.

Villa in the big five

I was listening to Five Live this morning and Alan Green was summarising Middlesborough and Everton’s draw at Goodison Park.  He explained that had either side won they may have had aspirations of breaking into the big four.  He then corrected himself and questioned should it now be called the big five and include Villa!

  1. Chelsea    32pts
  2. Liverpool    32pts
  3. Manchester United    24pts
  4. Arsenal    23pts
  5. Aston Villa    23pts

I don’t want to claim that Villa have cut loose from the rest of the chasing pack.  It should be remembered that Everton actually finished fourth a few seasons ago.  Nevertheless, it didn’t half feel good to hear him say that.  Come on Villa!  Bring on Man U!

P.S.  Don’t forget to vote in my Sports Personality of the Year poll: