A short comment on the Gaza conflict

I think one thing we have to understand is that it is the politicians that are screwing over the citizens of Palestine and Israel.  Hamas, Israeli government, US, UK, all other silent western governments are ABSOLUTELY HAPPY to see war and destruction so long as they have their own personal gain. I urge you not to take a political side or support a political ideology.

The ONLY way forward is reconciliation between people.


3 thoughts on “A short comment on the Gaza conflict

  1. I agree – but then when a country ‘interferes’, the backlash response is just as great. I have absolutely zero statistics to back this up but it feels like as many people feel strongly about us not getting involved and those that do.

    Just my two cents!

  2. Yes Adam, the whole thing brings division on every perspective and angle. I would strongly suspect that our government are simply standing by because it suits their political motives not because they believe it is the morally right thing to do. The west has fully supported sanctions against Russia but I cannot see them doing the same against Israel. But that’s by the by. It’s a big big mess. Politics could bring a temp ceasefire, maybe even for a year or so, more or less. But only forgiveness and reconciliation can do anything long term.

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