Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to be a Christian


I must admit I spent a good part of my life feeling ashamed that I was ashamed of Jesus.  Then, fortunately, I realised that I wasn’t ashamed of Jesus.  I was ashamed of so many of the connotations that went along with being a follower of Jesus:

  • The socks and sandals combo – Although I have seen some people really pull it off
  • Republicans – In general, would be unfair to say they were all embarrassing
  • Morris dancing in church – You know who you are
  • Sit in a circle prayer meetings – Prayer should be full of life and be the closest thing we get to reality, not the most hideously boring part of our day!
  • Legalism – Are there actually more than a dozen Christians in the whole world who understand anything about grace!?
  • March for Jesus – I was terrified someone from school would see me, not that I think marching for Jesus is bad it just associates you with everything in this post
  • Cold Evangelism – If the Big G tells you to go and tell somebody something specific that is fine but to go door to door or to take the whole church out en masse in the street sends chills up my spine
  • Christian Youth Culture – the whole Christian celeb, Christian pop music, Christian lingo winds me up so much
  • God TV – Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!  Have you seen the stuff they put on there!?

I am so proud to be a follower of Jesus.  He actually gave up the safety of Heaven and became vulnerable to the pain of this world like you and me.  And he did this only because he loved us and he wanted to be with us.  He has destroyed all that is evil, he was a radical political figure, he endured indescribable pain, he was a right laugh, he loved utterly and totally unconditionally, he stood up against all that is unjust.  I love him so much and simply want to live my life knowing him better each day.

Cartoon courtesy of ASBO Jesus


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