The mighty Villa!

Everton   2     Aston Villa  3

What an awesome match!  Managed to catch it on Match of the Day!  I can’t believe it!  The pundits afterwards were drooling, the loved it all – hard tackles, good referee, 11 British players on the pitch, 2 British managers, goals, excitement, good spirit.

It was a great match and Everton must have been heart broken to lose it but to be honest I can’t say I care!  We’re back up to 5th and I think I need to type out the table again for you all to have a look at!  I do apologise for the number of exclamation marks in the post but I’m so excited!!!!

  1. Liverpool   37pts
  2. Chelsea   36pts
  3. Manchester United   31pts
  4. Arsenal   29pts
  5. Aston Villa   28pts

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